nurture your noggin    


Abiomed former Clinical Director: “We can replace hearts but not heads, ....not yet.”


As former Clinical Director of Abiomed (makers of the total replacement heart) and at BiogenIdec where she recently led clinical trials to cure Alzheimer’s disease, Patricia Baum has been a thought leader in the field of cardiology medicine, nursing and research for over 30 years.  And has been doing a lot of thinking about the heart-brain connection.

“We can replace the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, hips and knees, but we cannot, repeat cannot, replace the brain. You know, the place where most of our thoughts live!”

Patricia has been observing the thoughts of hundreds of people with heart disease and cerebrovascular disease over these 30 years and is now on a mission to help people understand one thing: “nurture your noggin, you only get one”.  Many people have a "hardiness" that helps them in time of stress and injury to help them cope. This "hardiness" can be learned.

“It turns out that Western Medicine has finally joined the Holistic Nursing and Eastern Medicine philosophies, with the observation that thoughts become our biology. Our thoughts are a very key and profound variable in our ability to get and stay healthy. This can create quite existential angst for many people. Thoughts are very personal!”

“The brain becomes much more precious when we realize we can’t get a new one, like hearts."

“Medicine and Surgery have many new ways to keep our tickers happy but when our noggins get sick, all bets are off.”

“And our noggins are where our thoughts live. Negative thinking in our noggin can be a risk factor for chronic disease, in all of our organs, not just the heart.  Just like when we fill our digestive systems with unhealthy food, when we fill our minds with unhealthy thought, we can get sick.”

“Western Medicine does a great job researching the risk factors of diseases. Our brains “know” that we should eat well, exercise and not smoke. And then way out at the later part of our lives, if we didn’t live by these rules, Western Medicine is standing there at the ready waiting for us with drugs, devices and operations that bypass or replace the organs that got sick.”

“But there is a very big ‘care-gap’ between all this good advice of telling patients to change the way they live, and reaching the point of needing to replace organs!”

The ‘care-gap’ where healthcare falls short, is the how.

How to alter lifestyle; how to change our lives; how to lower blood pressure; how to lower cholesterol; how to think positive thoughts; how to stop smoking; how to eat well; how to lose weight; how to get up off the couch. We need help to do all this, don’t we?

That is a very big gap!  There is plenty of time between the day we learn that we should adapt our lifestyles and the day we are confronted with drugs, devices and operations. And in that timespan there should be compassionate support and guidance.

But where is it?

So Patricia had a thought. Fill that gap!

Why not have a place to cultivate and foster the growth of thought supportive of a healthy life.

Patricia brings a new paradigm to the concept of health coaching. She has created “organic mindbody coaching”, a twist on what is called positive thought coaching and wellness coaching.

Patricia believes that being “mindful” of our thoughts and gently leading them into helpful thoughts can be achieved with practice, just like practicing the piano or exercising our muscles.

“Just as we exercise our muscles so too can we be mindful of and exercise good thought. Healthy bodies always begin with healthy thought! What if one has never experienced positive or organic thinking?”

 Just as hearts can’t work with blocked arteries, so too our brains can’t work when healthy thoughts get blocked.

”Our minds can get hardened just like our arteries. The thoughts in your head affect the beats of your heart.”

“If you would like an example just pay attention to your heart and breathing next time you suddenly spot a state police cruiser in the rear view mirror … with its lights flashing!

 “Become an active participant. Become the leader of your own state of mind and body.  Become a more organic thinker. Your mind and body relationship will thank you and thrive. Orchestrate your own thoughts; grow your own positive healthy mind.”

“ Just as good blood keeps your heart nourished ... good thought keeps your brain nourished."


Good thought is out there, grab some for yourself! Your head and heart will thank you!


   patricia baum is the creator and nurse-in-residence

    køpenøgen ørganic thøughtfarm ™   and organic mindbody coaching™ 

    at seaside wellness in manchester-by-the-sea, ma  01944

    978.526.8400 [email protected]



Your head and heart relationship is the most important relationship of your life.

                                              Nurture and Nourish it! 


And just for an hour quiet your mind and listen to your heart. The beats of your heart are the song of your life.....What is your heart singing today....